craft photography, juried slides Contributors, clockwise from top left:

PATRICIA SHYPERTT: Wood block hat; parisisol straw with wired and beaded trim in sinemay, hand-dyed satin, and organdy.

GRANT IRISH: Fabricated bronze vessels with various patinas.

GIL HARRISON: Lidded stoneware dish.

SUSAN ZALKIND: Hand-carved stone rose; rare white and green hand-gathered Southwestern American alabasters.

KIM KOCH: Mabé pearl bracelet; 14k & 18k gold and pearls.

CRAIG ZWEIFEL: Blown glass vase with crystalline silver surface.

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Arts & Crafts Photography is my primary career specialty. I shoot pictures for a wide variety of craftspeople, most of whom sell their wares on the craft fair circuit. The better shows and festivals are juried, so my clients continually need top-quality jury photos of their newest pieces for the upcoming year's applications.

I have been the official on-site studio photographer for the American Craft Council's ACC San Francisco Craft Fair since 1981; at Roy Helms' Contemporary Crafts Market in Santa Monica and San Francisco since 1989; and at WholesaleCrafts.comís ACRE Las Vegas show since 2007. I am also a Certified Fine Arts Sales Representative for Dynacolor Graphics of Miami, a nationally-respected printer of postcards, color sheets, brochures, greeting cards, and lithographed art reproductions. I produce a full range of printed materials for many of my clients, performing the graphic design on my own computers.

Jewelry photography is a large part of my work, but I also photograph for painters, ceramicists, woodworkers, glassblowers, sculptors, paper artists, metalworkers, basket weavers, polymer clay artists, fiber & fabric artists--in short, my craft photography clients work in just about any medium you could imagine. I am continually amazed by the breadth of creativity and technical accomplishment I am called upon to document, and I thrive on the challenge of capturing world-class objets díart photographically.

I use the superb Canon 5D Mark II digital SLR camera for new work, and I can also digitize my clients' existing slides with my high-resolution Nikon CoolScan 5000 film scanner. Specific information about my digital imaging services for artists and craftspeople can be found in abundance on my jury-oriented specialty website,, so please have a look.

Additionally, is a portfolio site of my personal artistic work and stock photography.


If you're interested in further information about my craft photography services, photographic services for artists and craftspeople, jury and/or gallery photos, Web-ready JPEGs on CD-ROM, or full-color ink-printed products, please contact me at:

George Post Photography

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